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Swip Alot provides numerous tools for our users to find jobs and employees. We have the Jobs board on our website, where it is free to post a job. You are also able to post Situation Wanted ads, to help find the job you want. If you would like a Featured Ad (Highlighted and Pinned), please see our Advertise page.

The Employment Board exports new posts to Indeed Job Search, a top internet job portal. Your posting here could be seen by a much wider market than this site alone will provide you. There are no special steps required for your listing to be shared with Indeed – post a job here, and it’s automatically shared for you.

Please be sure to utilize our other tools as well. We have Classifieds, where it is also acceptable to post help wanted and situation wanted ads. Business ads here are not eligible for any sort of Featured Status. We’re primarily a consumer person to person group, so in the classifieds, the consumer gets priority.

Our most important tool are our free Facebook groups. Post your ad in this public group, where the feed is syndicated back to multiple places across this website, allowing for Google to index your ad.  This is a good thing. More exposure for your ad through traditional web searches.

If you are an Employment Agency, we do have a business directory you should be listed in. You’ll be able to edit your listing, and add new jobs to it if you wish. This is also good for Google, the more it sees your keywords, the higher you rank for local searches.

If you have any issues, problems, questions, or even feature requests, feel free to get in touch with us.

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